Master of Music in Performance: Piano

The Master of Music in Performance: Piano is designed for students who hold an undergraduate degree in piano performance and wish to further develop a high level of artistry. The program includes advanced study of appropriate literature, history, and performance practices. The master of music degree is the qualifying degree for most doctoral programs in music.

Audition Requirements: Four memorized pieces to include one baroque work (i.e. Prelude and Fugue of J.S. Bach), a sonata from the Classical period, a work from the Romantic period, and either an Impressionist or Twentieth-Century work.

Degree Requirements (30 sem. hrs.)

Core Courses (9 sem. hrs.)
MUS 6530 - Music Research and Writing

Choose one of the following:
MUS 6509 - Projects in Applied Theory and Analysis
MUS 6558 - Schenkerian Analysis

Choose one of the following:
MUS 6514 - Topics in Music History I
MUS 6515 - Topics in Music History II
MUS 6555 - History of American Music
MUS 6556 - Comparative Arts

Literature and Pedagogy (6 sem. hrs.)
MUS 6553 - Seminar in Piano Literature
MUS 6527 - Graduate Piano Pedagogy I
MUS 6539 - Practicum in Piano Pedagogy

Performance (15 sem. hrs.)
MUS 6521 - Applied Piano
MUS 6500 - Graduate Recital