Master of Music in Performance: Conducting

The Master of Music in Conducting is designed for the student possessing an undergraduate degree in music who wishes to pursue advanced study in the area of choral conducting. Potential candidates should possess a basic knowledge of conducting and demonstrate sufficient physical coordination required for the profession.

The Master of Music in Conducting is designed to prepare candidates for professional employment in the area of choral conducting in school and church settings and to pursue a terminal degree in the field. Candidates explore the repertoire of choral literature from the early Renaissance to the present; choral methods are discussed in detail, including choral tone, textual understanding, rehearsal techniques, and programming; private instruction is given in conducting to refine pattern, gesture and score preparation, and study of vocal technique is furthered in a studio setting.

Audition Requirement: An audition in both conducting and singing is required. The conducting audition may be held on-campus with one of the Mississippi College choral ensembles or via video recording using a choir conducted by the candidate. Video submissions must be a minimum of 10 minutes of rehearsal and/or performance utilizing a full-front camera angle. The vocal audition may be either on-campus or via video recording (see instructions for scheduling an on-campus audition). The vocal audition selections must include two solo songs from the art song, oratorio or opera literature, in contrasting styles. At least one of the pieces should be in a language other than English.

Degree Requirements (30 sem. hrs.)

Core Courses (9 sem. hrs.)
MUS 6530 - Music Research and Writing

Choose one of the following:
MUS 6509 - Projects in Applied Theory and Analysis
MUS 6558 - Schenkerian Analysis

Choose one of the following:
MUS 6514 - Topics in Music History I
MUS 6515 - Topics in Music History II
MUS 6555 - History of American Music
MUS 6556 - Comparative Arts

Literature and Performance Practice (4 sem. hrs.)
Choose two of the following:
MUS 6513 - Choral Literature and Performance Practices (1450-1750)
MUS 6520 - Choral Literature and Performance Practices (1750-1900)
MUS 6551 - Choral Literature and Performance Practices (1900-)

Conducting Techniques (6 Sem. hrs.)
MUS 6518 - Techniques of Instrumental Conducting
MUS 6519 - Seminar in Conducting and Choral Methods

Performance (6 sem. hrs.)
MUS 6552 - Applied Conducting, 2 sem. hrs.
MUS 6531 - Applied Voice, 2 sem. hrs.

Ensemble (2 sem. hrs. from the following):
MUS 6584 - Choctaw Chorus
MUS 6597 - Singers

Graduate Recital (3 sem. hrs.)
Choose one of the following:
MUS 6500 - Graduate Recital
MUS 6540 - Graduate Recital with Monograph
MUS 6550 - Graduate Lecture Recital

Elective (2-3 sem. hrs.)
Any 6000-level music course by advisor and instructor consent, or one of the following:
MGT 5454 - Management
MGT 6593 - Field Studies (Personal Marketing)