Master of Music in Music Education

The Master of Music in Music Education degree is designed for the teacher who desires to continue developing musicianship skills, delve deeper into the foundations of music education, and focus on areas of teaching. In addition to foundational graduate courses, specific Music Education courses may be taken according to the student’s area of expertise and teaching. Completion of this degree program will give students the knowledge and skills necessary to become educational leaders in the elementary or secondary schools or to continue study in leading doctoral programs throughout the country.

Applicants for admission into the Music Education program seeking Class AA Educator License must have: (1) satisfactory scores on the PRAXIS I Core CASE (Core Academic Skills for Educators) Reading-5712 (passing score 156); Writing-5722 (passing score 162); Math-5732 (passing score 150); and (2) PRAXIS II (Content Area Exam**)

**Approved content area tests and passing scores are determined by MDE, are subject to change pending MDE approval, and are listed at the State Dept of Education website,

Scores must be on file before admission to candidacy.

Degree Requirements (30 sem. hrs.)

Core Courses (9 sem. hrs.)
MUS 6530 - Music Research and Writing

Choose one of the following:
MUS 6509 - Projects in Applied Theory and Analysis
MUS 6558 - Schenkerian Analysis

Choose one of the following:
MUS 6514 - Topics in Music History I
MUS 6515 - Topics in Music History II
MUS 6555 - History of American Music
MUS 6556 - Comparative Arts

Professional Education (6 sem. hrs.)
EDU 6504 - Research — Methods and Procedures
EDU 6535 - Curriculum Development Credits

Performance Area (6 sem. hrs.)
MUS 6537 - Advanced Instrumental Pedagogy
Applied Instrument Credits, 3 sem. hrs.


MUS 6564 - Anatomy & Physiology of Voice Production
MUS 6569 - Practicum in Comparative Voice Pedagogy
Applied Voice Credits, 3 sem. hrs.


MUS 6527 - Graduate Piano Pedagogy I or
MUS 6529 - Group Piano Pedagogy
MUS 5497 - Practicum in Piano Pedagogy
Applied Piano Credits, 3 sem. hrs.

Music Education (9 sem. hrs.)
MUS 6501 - Foundations in Music Education Credits

Six semester hours elected from the following courses:
MUS 6502 - Advanced Methods & Materials for Teaching Instrumental Music at Junior High and Secondary Levels
MUS 6503 - Advanced Techniques & Materials for Elementary General Music Teachers
MUS 6516 - History of Music Education in the United States
MUS 6518 - Techniques of Conducting
MUS 6524 - Music in Early Childhood
MUS 6547 - Advanced Choral Methods & Rehearsal Techniques