Music Minor

Are you passionate about music but plan to pursue another major? The music minor at MC is a great option for you! It can boost your resume and enhance your graduate school application.

As a music minor you will:

  • deepen your love for music
  • hone your performance skills in ensembles and private lessons
  • engage your creative side while pursuing other studies.

For more information, email Dr. Michael Rushing at

Requirements (18 sem. hrs.)

Applied Music (4 sem. hrs.)
** Education majors who select music as a minor will substitute MUS 225 Music for Children for two hours of applied music.

Ensemble (4 sem. hrs.)
Choose from (may be repeated):
MUS 194 Choctaw Chorus (1 hr.)
MUS 197 Singers (1 hr.)
MUS 144 Worship Ensemble (1 hr.) (up to 2 sem. hrs.)
MUS 195 Symphonic Winds (1 hr.)

Recital Attendance (0 sem. hrs.)
The student must register for and complete requirements for MUS 055 Performance Lab a total of two semesters.

Music Theory & Appreciation (10 sem. hrs.)
MUS 101-102 Theory I-II (4 hrs.)
MUS 105-106 Aural Skills I-II (4 hrs.)

And choose one from the following list:
MUS 126-127 Piano Fundamentals I-II (2 hrs.)
MUS 103 Introduction to Musicology (2 hrs.)