Audition Information

Auditions for any of the Band Scholarships (Pep Band and/or Symphonic Winds, Jazz Band, and Private Lessons) can be done quickly and easily by sending a video recording or providing a link to a video on the internet.These auditions can be recorded on any smartphone or camera.

Please introduce yourself and the items you are recording.


  1. 2 major or minor scales (1 or 2 octaves) of the auditionee’s choosing (this would be a good opportunity for brass players to demonstrate their highest range)
  2. A short (30 seconds to 1 minute) excerpt demonstrating technical ability
  3. A short (30 seconds to 1 minute) excerpt demonstrating expressive/lyrical ability.


Percussionists should do 1 excerpt each on 2 different instruments groups (i.e. snare/set, timpani, keyboards) and do not need to do any scales or rudiments. Excerpts can be taken from solo or band music.

Band Scholarship Auditions should be completed by May 1. Any link or recording sent by email should be sent to It may be necessary to send multiple emails due to file size.

If you would prefer, you may send your recording on a DVD, SD card, or USB drive to:

Dr. Craig Young, Director of Bands
Mississippi College
Box 4021
Clinton MS 39058

Band Scholarship Auditions are used to confirm that students joining the MC Bands have sufficient experience on their instruments and will be contributing members of our ensembles. Auditions for seating within the Symphonic Winds will be within the first month of the Fall Semester and do not require any previous preparation. Those planning on coming to campus to audition as an Instrumental Music Major do not need to submit a Band Scholarship Audition.

Craig Young, Director of Bands // 601.925.3439