Bachelor of Arts in Worship Leadership

Requirements Hours
University Core55
Major Applied Instrument or Voice10
Minor Applied Instrument or Voice6
Ensemble (required each semester)0
MUS 055Performance Lab (4 semesters)0
MUS 066Piano Proficiency0
MUS 087Senior Project0
MUS 101-102, 201-202Music Theory I-IV8
MUS 105-106, 205-206Aural Skills I-IV8
MUS 109Popular Music and Society3
MUS 209Introduction to Music Technology3
MUS 340Advanced Music Technology3
MUS 318Choral Conducting2
MUS 344-345Seminar in Worship Leading I-II4
MUS 387Internship1
ART 205Introduction to Graphic Software3
ART 206Digital Presentation3
ART 215Graphic Design I3
BIB 220Interpreting the Bible3
COM 337Church Media Production & Technology3
MIN 201Foundations for Christian Ministry3
MIN 404The Development of Christian Worship3
THE 354Dramatic Arts for the Church3
THE 450Stagecraft and Design3
Outside Electives3