Conduct a prepared selection with piano accompaniment, make musical determinations at sight, and play designated sections of choral open score—two adjacent and two non-adjacent parts.

Music Education

Applicants are required to interview with members of the Music Faculty and may optionally perform an audition on any instrument or voice using the criteria listed above.


A major Bach Prelude and Fugue, a large Romantic work, and a work by a composer born after 1930.


Four memorized pieces to include one Baroque work (e.g., a Prelude and Fugue of Bach), a sonata from the Classical period, a work from the Romantic period, and either an Impressionist or Twentieth-Century work.

Piano Pedagogy

A memorized 20-minute program consisting of contrasting works from the standard literature.

Voice Performance and Pedagogy

Five selections from western classical repertoire, in a minimum of four languages. One selection must be an aria from opera or oratorio.